Why SIGMA Integration

Providing efficiency solutions to meet your demand

As a branch of SIGMA Group, SIGMA Integration is equipped with all the necessary resources to ensure seamless project execution from start to finish.

We have the equipment, the parts, and the industry knowledge to outperform the competition – allowing us to deliver integrated lines faster so you can increase your production sooner.

New_Used Equipment

SIGMA has an extensive inventory of new & used equipment

SIGMA Equipment has been buying and selling used processing and packaging equipment since 2003, building up a large inventory of ready-to-go machines.

Over the years, we have also built strong relationships with OEMs to provide our customers with a wide range of new equipment options.

With thousands of machines in-house, we move faster than competitors waiting on ordered equipment.

Our on-site shop services allow us to customize equipment in-house

Since 2008, we have been providing custom fabrication and modification services for our clients. SIGMA’s team of trained technicians has the expertise to tailor equipment to meet the specific needs of your production while reducing project downtime.
Shop Services

We integrate lines on-site in SIGMA’s 50,000-square-foot shop

Our massive 50,000-square-foot shop allows us to fully integrate our customers’ packaging and processing lines on-site.

This crucial step sets us apart from the competition by allowing us to smooth out potential issues and ensure we meet customers’ production metrics.

This results in a quick and efficient line integration at our clients’ facilities.

Working with SIGMA Integration makes for smooth & timely projects

When you work with SIGMA Integration, you are partnering with all of SIGMA Group.

This makes projects easy for our customers, giving them peace of mind and tighter timelines.

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Unlock your production potential.

SIGMA Integration engineers design and install turnkey processing and packaging lines tailored to your manufacturing requirements.