Turnkey Packaging Lines

Streamline your packaging process

Your production needs efficiency to give you a competitive advantage in your industry.

The SIGMA Integration team, experts in packaging equipment, offers turnkey packaging lines that lead to lower labor costs and increased product throughput.

SIGMA Integration designs packaging lines based on your uniqueness

In order to create a specialized packaging line, our team needs to understand what makes your business and product unique.

We don’t start selecting equipment or designing the packaging line layout until we learn about:


  • Your product and its specifications
  • Available floor space at your facility
  • Product container
  • Desired packaging line metrics
  • Your project timeline and budget
Once we select the equipment and design the layout – our team will integrate your packaging line inside our 50,000-square-foot shop.

We host our customers so they can see their packaging line in action

SIGMA Integration hosts customers for a Factory Acceptance Test to see their integrated packaging line running their product.

This ensures the line operates in accordance with their product and the agreed-upon requirements.

If no other changes are needed, our team will initiate the shipping and on-site installation process.

Disassemble & secure packaging equipment for shipment to your facility

We brace and secure each piece of equipment that goes into your packaging line and prepare them for safe shipment to your facility.

Our team even travels to our customer’s facility to install and integrate the line.

Once fully integrated, SIGMA Integration performs a Site Acceptance Test to confirm with our customers that the packaging line meets their expectations.

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Unlock your production potential.

SIGMA Integration engineers design and install turnkey processing and packaging lines tailored to your manufacturing requirements.