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Custom Control Solutions Fit for any Application

SIGMA Integration delivers advanced control systems designed to reduce cost, increase production and lower energy consumption.

Our engineers specialize in designing, building, programming and testing customized control panels to integrate our client’s multi-equipment lines into a single centralized control system. In addition to building custom panels for your existing equipment, we can also build one-off panels for any application, offering onsite installation or direct shipment to your facility.

Control Panel Components
Custom Control Panels

Delivering Customized Control Panels That Meet Your Requirements

We understand that many businesses face challenges in constructing control panels in-house. However, when partnering with SIGMA Integration, you gain access to the expertise of a dedicated panel builder, saving valuable time and gaining the assurance that a team of skilled technical professionals is crafting your panel.

Our team is committed to delivering high-quality control panels tailored to meet the specific requirements of your application, whether it’s for a multi-machine line or a single unit. By providing you with a customized control system, we ensure optimized performance, increased safety, and improved reliability for your production.

Control Design

We begin each project by working with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the scope. This includes discussing your desired components and the required control functions.

Once we evaluate your application requirements and specifications, and select the appropriate components, our engineers will create detailed schematics. This guarantees that you receive a solution that aligns with your specific needs, encompassing both functionality and reliability.


Design Considerations:

  • Enclosures and Space Requirements
  • Enclosure Temperature Control
  • Wiring Sizing
  • Control Components and Circuits
  • Supply Conductors
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Operator Devices
  • Labeling Standards
  • Front Panels and Faceplates
Control Panel Diagram
Control Panel Building

Control Panel Build

With the design in place, the fabrication phase begins.

At SIGMA Integration, our panel shop is equipped with the necessary tooling for quick project turnaround and allows us to consistently deliver high-quality control panels.

To ensure optimal airflow, our team adheres to the mounting specifications for each component. We also place device and wire labels in easily visible locations to ensure clean and organized wiring.

Control Panel Programming

By understanding your application, environment, and necessary control functions, we can program a control panel that is tailored and optimized for your specific needs.

We provide custom PLC and HMI programming that aligns with your requirements, giving you precise control over your production. This ensures seamless coordination and synchronization of your equipment, leading to a streamlined operation that increases efficiency.

Control Panel Programming
Control Panel Testing

Control Panel Testing

At SIGMA Integration, we thoroughly test every unit we design and build. This quality assurance process verifies functionality, ensures compliance, and provides safety assurance. Following the successful completion of these tests, we provide you with Test Validation Documentation to confirm that the control panel meets all your needs and requirements. This not only instills confidence but also provides peace of mind regarding the performance of your unit.

  • Wire Pull Testing
  • Component Verification
  • Device Tag Verification
  • Point-to-Point Testing
  • Power Up Testing
  • Simulation of Circuit Testing

Industry Experts

SIGMA Integration possesses the necessary components and industry expertise to give you exactly what you need for your operation. Our panel builds provide quick turnaround times and are accompanied by comprehensive validation documentation to ensure it meets industry standards. By understanding your application, environment, and necessary control functions, we can program a control panel that is tailored and optimized for your specific needs.


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