Our customer, a protein bar manufacturer out of Salt Lake City, Utah, partnered with SIGMA Integration, a division of SIGMA Group, to address their product wrapping challenges.

The customer initially sought a temporary rental solution from SIGMA to get up and running while awaiting the construction of a new wrapping line by an OEM. Upon partnering with SIGMA Integration for the short-term fix, they decided to cancel their order with the OEM. They chose to exclusively work with SIGMA due to their speed, expertise, and working relationship.

SIGMA Integration crafted a customized plan to resolve our customer’s speed and reliability issues. The team designed a wrapping line that incorporated two flow wrappers, a metal detector, a centralized control panel, and four conveyors.

Built Brands' protein bar wrapping line inside of the SIGMA Integration shop.

The Challenge


Initially, our customer commissioned an OEM to construct a new wrapping line. However, they faced an extensive lead time, keeping them from becoming operational. They needed to find an interim solution to get them into production while awaiting their new system to be built.


The client faced speed and reliability challenges with their existing production setup. They sought to enhance their production output by 25%.


Once our customer decided to work solely with SIGMA Integration, they placed a change order request for two alternate flow wrappers that would be used for their long-term wrapping system. They opted for two Bosch Pack 401 Flow Wrappers available in SIGMA’s inventory.


The change order introduced another delay in the estimated lead time for the wrapping line. The chosen flow wrappers required customized infeeds to accommodate their protein bars. This meant that SIGMA’s fabrication team would have to construct tailor-made infeeds for both Bosch units.


The solution


With the change order to replace the initially planned flow wrappers, the Integration team collaborated closely with our client to find an alternative solution that aligned with their timeline. SIGMA Integration proposed utilizing a Delta Flow Wrapper from SIGMA’s rental inventory for immediate operation while custom infeeds were built for the Bosch Pack 401 Flow Wrappers. Leveraging SIGMA’s extensive inventory, our customer could initiate operations on schedule. Despite the alteration, the collaborative efforts between our customer and SIGMA Integration ensured project continuity and adherence to the timeline.



SIGMA finalized a plan with our customer for an initial line using the rental Delta Flow Wrapper. The client sent in samples of their protein bars and wrapping material. The Integration team collaborated with OEMs to equip each piece of equipment within the line with suitable tooling based on the provided samples. Our engineers and technicians then crafted a custom wrapping line tailored to our customer’s product within SIGMA’s in-house shop.

In order to facilitate the client’s protein bars into the flow wrapper, SIGMA engineered the line to singulate the product into a single-file line. This allowed for a seamless entry into the flow wrapper.



Efficient project management was crucial for this multifaceted project. At SIGMA, effective communication with the client is a priority to ensure a clear understanding of project goals, speed requirements, budget, and expectations. Despite changes in plans, consistent communication built trust and allowed for flexibility between teams, making the project achievable.


SIGMA Integration combined new, used, and a piece of rental equipment into an initial wrapping line and invited the stakeholders to our 50,000-square-foot shop for a comprehensive Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Once the line performed successfully within their required metrics, the client approved the FAT. 

With that line approved, SIGMA’s team of engineers and technicians began work on the custom infeeds for the two Bosch Pack 401 units, intended to replace the rental Delta Flow Wrapper.

Furthermore, our customer has approved a second project for another wrapping line, which incorporates two additional Bosch Pack 401s, two more customized infeeds, another centralized control panel, and an additional four conveyors.




quoted oem price savings


8 Total pieces of Equipment

6 new

1 pre-owned

1 rental

Project timeline

22 weeks


“Working with SIGMA has been real smooth. We’ve been able to know exactly where SIGMA’s at in establishing the flow wrapper, the singulation, and the programming side for us. It’s been really great to work with them. They’ve really kept us in the loop and it’s been real clear that we are working with someone that knows what they’re doing”

Tyler Ashton – Client

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