Case Study

Complete Bottling line

Our latest client approached SIGMA Integration, a division of the SIGMA Group, to construct a fully integrated bottling line for two-ounce bottles. The project encompassed capping and labeling as well.

The client received a tailor-made solution that perfectly aligned with their timeline, budget, and production requirements.

See how SIGMA Integration developed a solution to meet the client’s needs.

The Challenge


Our client faced a short timeline for this project. New equipment from an OEM was estimated at up to 52 weeks, surpassing their desired timeline.




With a limited budget, opting for new equipment from an OEM posed the risk of exceeding the client’s budgetary constraints.




The client required a turnkey bottling line for two-ounce bottles that also handled capping and labeling. Their desired production rate for the line was set at 80 to 120 bottles per minute.

The solution


SIGMA Integration prioritized effective communication with the client, ensuring a clear understanding of the project goals, speed requirements, budget, and expectations. Through efficient project management, the Integration team successfully aligned their deliverables with the client’s expectations, contributing to seamless collaboration.




With a keen focus on the client’s timeline and budget, SIGMA Integration’s engineers utilized the extensive inventory of new and pre-owned equipment readily available within SIGMA’s 600,000-square-foot warehouse. By employing both new and used equipment, SIGMA provided the client with unmatched customization and flexibility when constructing their line.



The client provided essential product samples such as the two-ounce bottles, along with the corresponding caps and bottle labels. The Integration team utilized these product samples to design, build and integrate the custom bottling line within SIGMA’s fully equipped 50,000-square-foot shop. This ensured the line’s prompt and precise integration to match the client’s production requirements.


After the integration process, SIGMA Integration invited the client to our in-house shop to conduct a comprehensive Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Witnessing the bottling line operating successfully within their required speed metrics, the client approved the FAT. Subsequently, the Integration team disassembled the line and carefully shipped it to the client’s facility. To guarantee a seamless transition and successful project completion, SIGMA installed and integrated the bottling line at the client’s facility.




quoted oem price savings


Total number of pieces


Project timeline

14 weeks


“We came to SIGMA for a solution. Our requirements were anywhere from 80-120 bottles per minute and they more than met our needs, through Engineering and Shop work.”

Integration Client

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